In terms of productivity and environmental sustainability, the management and optimization of the natural reservoirs of geofluids (i.e. mineral and hydrothermal waters, geothermic fluids, oil and gas) require an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, which is particularly true in fractured and faulted sedimentary rocks that are known for their heterogeneity and petrophysical complexity. These last aspects commonly lead to large uncertainties in reservoir models that are intended to predict fluid storage and fluid flow. Critical deformation-related features controlling subsurface fluid flow patterns within this type of reservoir strata and making their understanding difficult to predict include: permeability anisotropy imposed by steeply dipping faults and stratigraphic layering; fault zone widths and styles; density and orientation of diffuse subseismic fractures.

Geomore propose an integrated multidisciplinary procedure for characterizing and modelling natural reservoirs of geofluids in sedimentary fractured rocks called.